One-to-One Language Training One-to-One Language Training
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Where home is your school…
All you need is a willingness to learn and the courage to pursue your goals. The CISS One-to-One Language Training Programme takes care of the rest. You will live and learn in your teacher’s home, with a focus on the specific language goals you want to achieve. With 3 varieties of programming to choose from: Intensive ESL, One-to-One + Cooking or One-to-One + Culture, you are guaranteed to live and speak in an English-only surrounding. Your ability to communicate inEnglish will flourish in this one–to-one language experience that also offers you the opportunity to explore the Canadian city you have selected - either Toronto or Vancouver. If you are looking to improve your English language skills in a focused environment, and have only a short amount of time for study travel, the CISS Teacher Homestay: One-to-One Programmme is exactly what you need.

Tailor-Made Just for You
One-to-One Intensive One-to-One Intensive Toronto - Vancouver
One-to-One + Cooking One-to-One + Cooking Toronto - Vancouver
One-to-One + Culture One-to-One + Culture Toronto - Vancouver