(ILSC) - International Language Schools of Canada
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Learn English or French from the best!

Looking to study English or French at a Canadian language school? CISS is proud to partner with the International Language Schools of Canada (ILSC). ILSC’s creative and ambitious course of study makes it one of the finest English and French language schools in Canada and in the world. With three ideal locations (Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal) and a staff of qualified and experienced language teachers, you can’t help but succeed in improving your language skills.

The strength of ILSC lies in its small, interactive classrooms, flexible start dates, 11 levels of language proficiency, and vast array of courses - all designed to get you learning and using English (or French). Students from all over the world attend this programme because of its outstanding teachers and reputation. So, if you’re looking to get on with your future, check out ILSC today at www.ilsc.ca .


Adults, 16 years and older


New sessions begin every four weeks.

For more information about ILSC and its programmes, visit: www.ilsc.ca