Public High Schools
Experience the Canadian Difference

Experience life as a North American high school student in our public school programme!

From football teams and glee clubs to science experiments and exams, come experience it all in Canada. Our programme offers you a certain degree of flexibility and choice. You decide your length of stay, arrival date (with guidelines), and the Canadian region in which you would like to live and study. You can also choose to study in a secular public school or in a Catholic School. All levels of English proficiency are accepted, and we offer English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring if you need it. Join us today and be a part of a Canadian school, host family, and community. 

CISS is a full programme package provider, which means that all of our offerings are packaged to include: 

  • application assistance
  • school tuition
  • accommodation with a local host family and full board meals
  • Guardianship/custodianship by CISS which also includes academic and social monitoring and other services offered by our dedicated staff

IMPORTANT:  Our programmes are designed for individual students aged 13-17 seeking an independent academic experience.
CISS is not an exchange organization or placement-only service, nor are scholarships available.  We are unable to assist families with immigration questions, assist families living in Canada who simply want to bring a family member from another country to study in Canada, or assist to arrange for adult family members to travel and live with their child to Canada. 

Your Options

Academic Programme:  For students seeking to gain credit for their study in Canada
Short Term Stay:            For students seeking a 4-16 week experience in a Canadian school,with no credit
Group Programmes:      For groups of 15+ seeking a cultural experience in a Canadian school


Boys and Girls, ages 13 to 17 years

School calendars

Full year:         September until June
Semester 1:     September until January
Semester 2:     February until June