Custom Programmes for Groups
Welcome to YOUR Programme

Your programme… your way.

CISS is pleased to offer a Customized Group Programme, a unique opportunity to pre-formed groups who wish to plan their own trip. With a minimum group of fifteen, you can choose from a large category of programmes and stay for a little as two nights to up to six months. Your group provides the enthusiasm and willingness to learn;  CISS can provide the guides, facilities and, instruction. Ideally suited for school groups, this is the perfect combination for a fun and educational immersion experience. Memories built to last a lifetime with friends await you on your customized group adventure.

Special interest study, English/French as a Second Language (ESL/FSL) instruction, touring, local exchange, cultural and recreational pursuits are available as a focus or in any combination. On request, sport tournament or performing music groups can also be arranged. Join us for a truly unique Canadian experience. The Customized Group Programme is the perfect way to share an adventure with your friends.


Boys and girls, 12 years +
Pre-formed group size of 15 or more passengers


Available year-round
Minimum duration two nights